Hello there. Thank you for visiting. This blog is in part to keep myself aligned with my overall value of maintaining a positive mindset despite facing some of life’s toughest challenges. I also hope some bits of wisdom and encouragement will find those of you traveling down a similar path, perhaps making the load just a tad lighter.

Know you are not alone and a life of abundance awaits you, if you find the courage to seek it.

Give with all your heart. But not just to those whom you provide care; not just to your children or to your spouse, not just to God or to your work, but to you as well. Give to your present self and your future self. Do not put off till tomorrow what your heart needs today. Learn to live and love even in the midst of trial and in the demands caregiving. Your life is now.

Do not let the fear of the unknown, the circumstance of your life, the energy of the room suck life out of you. No matter your surroundings, no matter your story, it is only you who determines your attitude, your potential, your success. Happily ever after only comes to those who seek it. There is always time in the day for you, there is always room to grow, there is always happy to be made. Find it, create it, bask in it.

Begin your journey now. 

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