My oh Why

Caregiving is hard. So often we want to throw in the towel and quit. It’s all we can do to survive. Why bother trying to do more than that!

Why. My oh my, why. Because there is MORE to life than carrying heavy burdens and dreading each day. There is MORE to life than counting the passing minutes, days, weeks… until you can have your life back. There is MORE to this life.

I’ve decided I’m not willing to just survive. This is my only life. I’m here to thrive. So despite all the hardships I am facing, I’m dedicating this blog to creating a positive mindset and beating the assumption caregiving is going to beat me.

My goal is to surround myself with positive messages and belief systems that can conquer my daily frustrations and emotions. I fully acknowledge the situation at hand; I am not in denial. I simply refuse to let the disease take one more damned thing from me or my family. I will create happiness where I can, I will spread love to those around me, I will teach my children the strength to conquer hard things, I will see joy despite the clouds and I will prevail.